Hello Lobster Pot Nation!

I’m Jay Beckwith, the Vice President of Game Day Operations at the Hyannis Campus for the World Famous Lobster Pot Hockey Tournament, or as all of you may know me as, that kid with the beard with some of the answers!

As you all know, we celebrated our 20th year as the “Greatest Mite Tournament in the World” this year, and it has come a long way from 4 Cape Cod teams battling for one trophy. We now boast 64 teams, truly our own March Madness. Thanks to all the coaches, players, parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and close family friends, Barnstable Youth Hockey can produce this tournament and the amazing spectacle that it has become. Without your interest and excitement, we would not have the Lobster Pot as we know it.

The music might be loud, the games might be early; but nothing matters when you see the sea of Lobster Pot flags, hear the high-pitched chants coming from the locker rooms, and see the pure joy on the faces of the Mites who we dedicate our time for. This year has been the best tournament yet. There were bumps and slip ups in some of the production, but you, the parents and coaches really respected our most important rule, HAVE FUN. For that, all of us involved with the Lobster Pot, extend a warm thank you.

I hope the kids had as much fun as I did this year. I flew in from my new home, Nashville, to spend my weekend with all of you and I wouldn’t trade my time for anything. I believe the other volunteers feel the same way. In no particular order; Christine and Wes Fries, Mike Ardolino, Jeff Devlin, Dustin Devlin, Tina and George Soares, Cam Holloway, Nicole LeBlanc, Kai, Cailin White, Lorri Devlin, and all our Dancing Larry’s all gave so much for this weekend to make it the wonderful environment for youth hockey. It truly is a family event for us. Also, thank you to the staff members at Hyannis, Falmouth, and Tony Kent Rinks and Phil at East Coast Trophy for HANDCRAFTING the second most iconic trophy in the hockey world.

Last, yet, certainly most important, a HUGE thank you to the Lobster Pot King and our founder, Steve Devlin, for living and breathing this tournament for 20 years. Steve has more enthusiasm than most of the Mites in the tournament. He’s the driving force and inspiration for all of us. If you haven’t met Steve, please go out of your way to do so.

Last note, the 20th anniversary hats were a huge success and sold out in about 37 seconds. I’m sure if we get enough requests, we can add those hats to the online store! From the kid in the beard, thank you all for such a wonderful weekend, see you in 2018!

Jay Beckwith  |  jbeckwithjr@gmail.com