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1. All games are 50 minutes with no overtime.  Periods will run 12 minutes stop, 10 minutes stop, and 10 minutes running.  There will not be time-outs.

2. All teams will play three games total against their assigned foursome.

3. Each of the foursomes or “Pots” will have a champion.  Best record wins.

Tie breakers will be:

1. Head to head.

2. Least goals against (After that, Co-Champions).

4. All full ice games will play "change on the fly" hockey.

5. USA Hockey Rules shall apply for all divisions.

6. Penalties will be one minute in length.

7. Players may play on only one team for the entire tournament.  Programs bringing multiple teams may not cross substitute players once the tournament begins, including goalies.

8. The Director must be notified and approve of any late roster changes prior to the tournament.

9. All players will be announced individually along with the playing of the National Anthem before their final game on Sunday.  All players will receive individual trophies after their final game.

10. Pin-swapping is optional.  Please check with other coaches.

11. Final Rule:  Have Fun!!!



1. All games will be played using USA Hockey approved divider boards, or on the Mini-rink in Falmouth.

2. Only two teams at a time will use the rink.

3. Games will be played 4 on 4 with goalies using full size nets.

4. The game will be divided into two halves.  There will be an 18 minute first half and a 16 minute second half with two minute buzzer shifts. There are no time outs.

5. All four skaters must come off the ice at the end of their shift.  There is a minimum of eight skaters and one goalie per team.  Teams may “pull” their goalies for the final two minute shift to add a fifth skater, however the fifth skater must finish the game regardless of goals scored.

6. The final two minutes will be stop time for games that are even or within one goal.

7. There will be one official per game.  All five locations will be used for face-offs at the official’s discretion.

8. There will be no icing or off-sides.  Penalties will be called.  The player will be sent to the bench and immediately replaced.  The player must sit off the rest of that shift and the following two minute shift.

9. All teams will be divided into four team “Pots”. Each pot will have its own champion. Champions will be determined by best records.  Tie breakers will follow the same as full ice rules.

10. Sunday games will start off with introductions of each player followed by the National Anthem.  Expect games to be 16-minutes halves.

11. No coaches are allowed to skate.

12. Very Important…. Have Fun!!!